The focus of MASSIVE project is to provide Civil Protection authorities with accurate and up-to-date maps of seismic hazard, urban vulnerability, risk of exposed people and elements at local scale, state-of-the-art population evacuation models for two European pilot sites, heavily struck by earthquakes in Western Athens (GR) and Abruzzo Region (IT).


  • To recognise and estimate seismic hazard and other earthquake related side-effects in urban areas
  • To deliver accurate and updated maps of spatial planning, land use and land cover at local scale, using VHSR satellite imagery and historical aerial photography and estimate the rate of urban fabric development
  • To analyse and deliver information on the premises and infrastructure elements and make reliable assumptions on buildings construction endurance (according to the specific anti-seismic regulation applied in the past) and generate comprehensive inventory of critical sites, and buildings of specific use (e.g public, hospitals, schools) and life-lines
  • To formulate appropriately related socio-economic data (e.g. population density, building sizes and cost) based on existing census data
  • To develop models for the evacuation of population in case of a major earthquake, and provide user-friendly tools for running alternative evacuation scenarios in case of arterial road destruction
  • To create models for the calculation of urban vulnerability and seismic risk, easily transferable to other areas
  • To integrate and combine all generated models and information layers to GIS environment and develop IT tools for creating and running scenarios of earthquake occurrence, and generate assessments and knowledge on the expected damages at city block together with feasible evacuation suggestions.
  • To provide support to the Civil Protection towards integrating the project outcome and developed IT tools in the daily practice for improving preparedness and risk prevention planning.
  • To improve co-operation with countries with similar problems
  • To enhance the public awareness
  • To promote the project idea and outcome in two information days in Greece and Italy with the involvement of the interested parties (crisis managers, civil protections, regional authorities), and prepare relevant scientific publications for refereed journals and international conferences (e.g. GMES Forum, SAFER/LinkER User meetings and forum).
  • To support project dissemination through the development of a dedicated Web site.
  • Dissemination

    Two dedicated information days in Greece and Italy addressed to the awareness and training of involved Civil Protection Users, Crisis Managers, Regional Authorities will be organized (3rd Q4 of 2011). The main targeted groups and organizations of this project will be the following:
  • Public authorities on central, regional and local level (Ministries, Regions, Prefectures, Municipalities)
  • Civil Protection officers, Crisis Managers, Assessment and immediate response teams
  • Research Institutions and University Laboratories (to further exploit and based on scientific results of the project)
  • European Community (to integrate scientific and technological results of the project for its policy against natural risk management)

  • These information days will promote understanding and information exchange through focused workshops.

    Details will be announced soon.